ANIM'FINDER Version Odoo 12.0

Informations sur le ANIM'FINDER instance d'Odoo, le ERP Open Source.

Applications installées

Odoo Advance Signup
Odoo admin can configure their signup page with dynamic fields for each website.
Signup Customized
Add fields for sign-up(On front end), create a product from it and assign to the respective seller.
Animation Finder Upgrade
Animation Finder Upgrade website and home page design.
Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace
Enable Online Multi Vendor Odoo Marketplace For Sellers To Sale Their Product.
SMS Notification
Send SMS to customers. Send SMS notifications on Customer mobile with the module. Integrate SMS gateways with Odoo.
Website Animation Finder
Animation finder webshop and home page design.
Website Loyalty Program
Run loyalty rewards program in your store. The customer can earn loyalty points on purchases and redeem those points on subsequent purchases.
Website Product Tags
The Odoo user can assign the tags to the website products so the customers can filter the products using the product tags.
Website Product Videos With Multi Images
Odoo Website Product Videos With Multi Images allows you to add product videos on the website to provide a deeper insight into the products.
Website Quote System
The module allows you to accept price quotations of products from customers who wish to buy products in bulk. The customer can send their purchase quote to the Odoo user and buy the products when approved.
Website Quote System Customized
Customized module for website quote system with three steps form.
Website Extra Order Line
Add an extra line on Website Sales Order, this module is used by other modules like loyalty module, etc.
Website: Product Review
Manage review for products, admin can do publish/un-publish.
Gérez vos pistes et vos opportunités
Site Web
Constructeur de sites web d'entreprise
Organisez et planifiez vos projets
Gérez votre stock et vos activités logistiques
Factures & Paiements
Du devis aux factures
Odoo Marketplace Quote System
With the module you can accept price quotations of products from customers who wish to buy products in bulk. The customer can send their purchase quote to the seller/admin and buy the products when approved.
Vendez vos produits en ligne
Centralisez les informations de vos employés
Gérez votre tunnel de recrutement
Centralisez votre carnet d'adresses
Chat, passerelle d'email et canaux privés
Product Feature Highlighter
Product Feature Highlighter power of your product features to highlight quickly
Backmate Backend Theme Advance
Advance Material Backend Theme, Responsive Theme, Fully functional Theme, flexible Backend Theme, fast Backend Theme, lightweight Backend Theme, Animated Backend Theme, Modern multipurpose theme, Customizable Backend Theme, Multi Tab Backend Theme Odoo
Dynamic Product Listing Snippets
This module provides a 3 different and stylish snippet for display products on the shop page.
Website Tidio Live Chat
Provide a way to communicate
Website Webkul Addons
Manage Webkul Website Addons
Email Marketing
Concevoir, envoyer et suivre des e-mails
Planifiez les réunions de vos employés
Publiez des articles de blog, des annonces, des nouvelles
Live Chat
Discutez avec les visiteurs de votre site

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